The IT Support London HQ – Great Example of WordPress With Social Widgets

This week’s website review is of the IT Support London HQ website, a United Kingdom based supplier of IT outsourcing services and contractors.  The reason I’ve designed to look at bit deeper at their IT support website is to highlight how they’ve used WordPress and then customised it with some cool social media widgets which should encourage sharing and content proliferation.  Firstly, check out their homepage below and notice the social widgets that appear just underneath the IT Support in London headline.

IT Support London HQ

It’s easy to share socially using the widgets above the content.

Uses the WP Socializer Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin called WP Socializer, which is free to download and install.  They way in which IT Support London HQ have implemented it is quite clever because they have positioned it above their main content blocks, but also at the bottom where they ask people to “share and enjoy”.  The benefits to this kind of approach are that a person visiting the website looking for London-based IT support services can click to share the content on their Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus accounts, meaning that people in their circles can also see this content.  According to SEO consultants I’ve spoken to, this sharing of content also holds some value in Google – so over time it should mean that the IT Support London HQ website actually gets better Google rankings as well.

Great WordPress Customization

Other things that I love about how this IT support company have set their website up is the use of the WordPress theme.  It’s had some heavy customisation done to it, which has matched up with their overall look and feel and brand.  For example, the videos are all the same color and hue of the website meaning that any user looking for IT support will see a seamless approach across all channels for this company – a definite plus point in my books.

Use of YouTube Video Embeds

One thing that I love on websites is the use of YouTube.  YouTube video is great because if you have a video relating to your content then you can embed into your website.  If people click and watch it then there’s every chance that they will stay in the website a lot longer which is a great way of improving usability and stickiness of the content.  IT Support London HQ also do this to great effect as you can see on the example below which is contained on their PC Support page.

PC Support London

Great YouTube video embed about PC Support in London.

Conclusion on IT Support London HQ

Overall, the IT Support London HQ website is a great example of what can be achieved using off the shelf web tools that are available for free.  By using WordPress and selected plugins, plus the free YouTube platform you can make a very compelling website for your business which can look good, work well, and serve customers looking for your services.  This London IT support company certainly have achieved a good style with this website and it offers great inspiration for other businesses who want to get ahead online.

Double Glazing Southampton – An Example of Dynamik Website Builder with Genesis

WordPress is used by millions of website owners globally and it’s no real surprise given how easy it is to use even if you don’t have design or coding experience.  However, it can be made even easier by using off the shelf themes and applications in order to make the whole process even more streamlined, and one such combination package is the Dynamik Website Builder theme used in conjunction with the Genesis Framework.  One of the better examples I’ve seen recently where someone has used these in order to create a functional and great looking website is Double Glazing Southampton UK.  The look and feel of the website can be seen below, or alternatively this the website using the previous link which will open up in a new window so you can continue reading this review blog post.

Double Glazing Conservatories Southampton

A nice implementation of Genesis and Dynamik on the Double Glazing Southampton website.

By using these themes and frameworks it’s possible to very quickly deploy a stunning looking website which really will work for a local business.  For example, on the Double Glazing Southampton website they have used some fantastic looking images on the home page which really show off their services and the quality of work.  The homepage slideshow has photos of the Southampton windows and conservatories which automatically move from left to right giving the visitor a very good first impression.

Map Showing Double Glazing Coverage

Southampton Double Glazing Google Map Locations

Example of Using a Google Map.

One thing that any local business will want their customers to know about is what local areas the business covers.  The Double Glazing in Southampton website has this covered because Dynamik lets you embed a Google Map into the website which can then be tagged up with various pins and place holders.

On the Southampton website you can see how they have done this in the left hand side of the homepage.  It’s a great addition and really complements both the design and usability of the website and will probably help with increasing customers sales and conversions.

Comes with Blog and Quote Form

What this double glazing company have done is really stretch Dynamik to the limits of what can be done by using the various WordPress plugins that are available.  If you visit their website you will see how they have plugged in a quote form so potential customers can ask them for a call back on a double glazing quote.  There is also a blog where they can quickly and easily update visitors with the latest news and offers that they have – including some price promotions.

Great Use of Video on the Website

What they also do on the Double Glazing Southampton website is use video to great effect.  Within Dynamik you have the option to embed YouTube videos.  My experience as a web designer shows that websites which use video really can increase their sales conversions and contacts because users love to see this sort of stuff.  Like I said on the VigRX review the video doesn’t have to be a master-piece… it can be very simply slide show stuff which is what the Double Glazing Southampton company have done to great effect – you can see the video below.

Dynamik Website Builder Makes Things Easy

As I said at the top of this design review, WordPress is made very easy with the Dynamik Website Builder.  What this double glazing company have done is use it to the absolute limits and have even extended the customization to get even more from it.  The developers behind Dynamik have put together a short video which gives an overview of the system.  You can see that below.

Want to Use Dynamik & Genesis on Your Website?

If you would like to use Genesis and Dynamik on your local business website like this Southampton company did then you can find out more about them including pricing and costs on the following links:

VigRX Plus Reviews 4 U – Great Use of CSS and Page Inter-Linking

I am pleased to announce the first ever website review to be featured on Michelle’s Creations. Tell me what you think! I will try to review at least one website every couple of days so bookmark the website and keep coming back for more website reviews.  This website is run by a friend of mine so was more than happy to get him featured.  Here we go!

You only need to look at old cave men drawings to see that the issue addressed by VigRX Plus has been an age old one.  There’s always been some man throughout history who has wanted to have a better relationship with his woman.  I don’t think that’s ever going to change in truth, but thankfully the 21st century has seen a wide variety of products come onto the market which should help with what I like to call “performance-related issues”.  Given the popularity of the VigRX product it comes as no surprise that there are various websites that are reviewing the product, and one such website which was submitted for review recently was VigRX Plus Reviews 4 U.

They specialise in VigRX Plus Reviews and at first glance you might not be overly impressed by the website… but from my perspective and why I highlighted it today was the inter-linked between the pages and how’s it taken a standard WordPress theme and edited it to suit.  There is some great CSS tweaks involved in the site, and the way the main navigation has been changed is very impressive. I’ve tried to do this before in WordPress myself and have failed so will be looking more closely at the source code!

Really like the way in which the CSS has been used on the Navigation

Really like the way in which the CSS has been used on the Navigation

If you work your way through the VigRX Plus Reviews 4 U website you will see lots of great examples of how usability of a website can be improved by simply hyperlinking pages together using relevant and keyword rich anchor text – it’s great for SEO too and this is how the VigRX Plus Reviews website works.

On the homepage itself all the information is laid out in an easy to navigate manner, with links into the deeper pages which let you discover more information about things such as where you can buy VigRX Plus and also information on the latest coupon codes and special deals that are available. Looks very cool.

My friend has also put some video content together to enhance the user experience – another great thing because Google and the other search engines love content that is “rich-media” so adding a VigRX Plus YouTube video to a page such as the VigRX Plus coupons page is always a great bonus.  The video doesn’t have to be that great either – can simply be some slides and audio.

Overall, I wouldn’t rate the design as being ground-breaking, because it’s just uses a standard off the shelf WordPress theme. However, the usability and the small CSS customisation is what really sets the VigRX Plus Reviews 4 U website apart from other review websites.  If you are thinking about starting your own review website then I don’t think you could go far wrong by taking some inspiration from this website so go check it out using the links on this website review blog post.