Einstein Philosophy on Life


Einstein Philosophy of Life

Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist, well known for his theory of relativity and the formula E=mc2. However, he was also among the great philosophers, leaving us with insightful quotes that portray his thoughts about life and the human condition. His philosophy on life emphasizes the power and importance of the imagination. Logic is linear, taking us from point A to B, but the imagination can take us anywhere! Living in the present and making mistakes are two things Einstein thought were conducive to a fulfilling existence. If you are thinking of the past or future, then you are not paying adequate attention to the present and are robbing yourself of its wonders, joys, and opportunities. Don’t worry about the future. It will come soon enough. Trying anything comes with at least the occasional mistake. Einstein understood that we grow through trial-and-error and that true knowledge comes from experience. If you have never made a mistake, then you have never tried anything. When it comes to problem solving and success, Einstein saw unmatched value in perseverance. He is quoted saying “It’s not that I’m smart. I just stay with problems longer.” To do the same things and expect different results is insane. Albert Einstein knew that a problem could not be solved at the same level of thinking that it was created. In this competitive, individualistic society, we all strive to win or succeed, with other individuals as our opposition at every turn. Einstein thought that we should not strive for success, but instead strive to be of value. If we do this, surely success will be no problem. The final aspect of Einstein philosophy on life that I’ll touch on here is curiosity. Science poses questions and makes predictions. Scientists have a love for the investigation, exploration, and analysis of the world. Einstein said, “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Follow your curiosity!


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